Know the terms of reference and competencies of committees for the care of the mentally ill rights by law

The Psychiatric Patient Care Act defines the terms of reference of the Committee for the Care of Patients’ Rights and establishes that this Committee will be concerned with protecting the rights enshrined in this law and carrying out the following:

– Awareness campaigns on these rights among patients and workers.

It also takes care of accepting complaints presented by patients or their family members and providing indications with the necessary measures.

This committee has the right to receive complaints about hospitalization decisions, mandatory treatments and treatment orders and to refer them to mental health councils.

Article (38) of the Psychiatric Patient Care Act stipulates that in each mental health facility, upon decision of the facility director, a committee for the care of patients’ rights shall be formed, as follows:

1- One of the psychiatrists in charge of the facility (president).

2- One of the patients’ families or a member of the NGOs concerned with patients’ rights.

3 – A possible social worker of the structure.

4- A representative of the Regional Department of Mental Health.

5- A representative of the nursing staff.

The Psychiatric Patient Care Act provides penalties against the psychiatrist if he diagnoses or treats diseases or undertakes any organic treatment, which only doctors are allowed to practice, or if he examines the patient’s body or writes medical prescriptions or medicines for him.

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