Know the effect of working from home on liver health … and tips for preserving it

The liver performs a variety of basic functions, such as producing bile to help break down and absorb fats, and the liver underneath does it Rib cage The bottom on the right side, has several critical functions such as removing harmful chemicals made by your body and producing a fluid called “bile” that helps break down fats in food, and it stores glucose to start up your system while increasing energy when needed.

According to a newspaper report TIME NOW NEWSThe sudden change in lifestyle that we are all forced into amid the coronavirus pandemic could have harmful repercussions. ‘Work from home’ training has been difficult in routine due to increased stress, working hours and changes in eating and exercise habits for many, fried and ready-to-eat food has become part of Lifestyle and physical activity decreased due to staying at home around the clock.Small changes that continue even with attempts to maintain our normal life affect our health, especially the liver..

How to maintain a healthy liver while working from home

A balanced diet: Boredom often leads to eating. Stress makes one look for “comfort” foods. As evenings get longer at home, fried foods also increase, so the next time you crave fats, replace the french fries or burger portion with a bowl of vegetables Most of these foods are easy to cook and provide the correct nutrients, avoiding the high level of cholesterol that can lead to fatty liver disease..

Include liver friendly foods in your diet: Grapefruit, beets, avocados, and garlic are some of the foods that can have properties that affect the liver in a good way.

Physical activity: The biggest problem with working from home is the limited desire to exercise. This means that excess fats are stored and put pressure on the liver. The next time you’re in a meeting zoom out or a long call, try to walk through the call while you’re working. A brisk walk for at least two hours a week can reduce this risk.

Be careful while taking over-the-counter drugs: Fear of going out and seeing a doctor during a pandemic has increased the tendency of “self-prescribing” unexpected hours of work, the added stress can lead to many drugs getting to the over-the-counter drugs on Regular basis While these drugs are usually safe, when needed and in prescribed doses, their regular intake can affect the liver.


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