Know the 3 initial hypotheses for the formation of the solar system according to experts

PIKRAN RAKYAT – The solar system is a set of celestial bodies made up of a star called the sun and all objects bound by its gravitational force. The items include eight pieces planet which is already known with an elliptical orbit, five planet dwarfs, 173 natural satellites that have been identified and millions of celestial bodies such as meteors, asteroids, comets and so on.

The universe or solar system consists of stars from planet the earth, i.e. the sun and everything related to it severity like it planet Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Who would have thought if solar system it is just one of 100 billion galaxies in the universe.

United States federal agency known as NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) says that the newborn sun covers more than 99% of its mass solar system. When the pressure inside the star becomes so great that fusion occurs, turning the hydrogen into helium, the star begins blowing winds that help remove the debris and keep it from falling inside.

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The origins of the solar system according to experts

  1. The nebula hypothesis

In 1688-1772 the nebula hypothesis was first put forward by Emanuel Swedenborg, and in 1734 perfected by Immanuel Kant. A similar hypothesis was also developed by Pierre Marquis de Laplace.

This hypothesis is better known as Kant Laplace’s nebula hypothesis, revealing that in the early stages, solar system still a giant fog. This fog is made up of dust, ice and gas which is called a nebula, and the gaseous elements are mostly hydrogen.

The fog shrinks and rotates in a certain direction due to force severity it has. The temperature of the fog warms up and eventually becomes a giant star (sun). The giant sun continued to shrink and rotate faster and faster, and rings of gas and ice were ejected from around the sun.

Then the gases condense as their temperature drops and form planet in and planet out. It is the result of the presence of style severity.

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