KNMI ends code orange, worst heat is over

The KNMI has terminated the code orange for extreme heat, which was in effect for the south and southeast of the country. The weather institute expects that the temperature will never rise above 35 degrees tomorrow.

The warm weather of the past few days will continue, but it won’t get as hot as it was the past few days. After Thursday, according to KNMI, “a slow cooling down” will follow. The National Heat Plan of the RIVM will remain in force. As a result, code yellow remains active for the entire country, except for the Wadden Sea.

Heat wave

In recent days, record heat has been recorded in the Netherlands, Weerplaza reports. For tomorrow, tropical temperatures are still expected in De Bilt of above 30 degrees. This would set a record eight consecutive days of tropical days.

The heat wave started on Wednesday and was officially a fact on Sunday, when it became more than 25 degrees for the fifth day in a row in De Bilt. It was also more than 30 degrees for three days, which officially meant a heat wave.

It is the fifth heat wave in two years.

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