Knicks favorites for the 2010 title, too bad it’s 2020

Carmelo Anthony would be ready to make his comeback with the Knicks if he trades CP3. The two friends have always dreamed of playing together and after the failed experience in Houston, they could try it again next season in New York. Not sure that it plays the title, but it would at least make the MSG kiff a little!

If the story with New York did not end in the best possible way, Melo has not forgotten his time with the Knicks, and would even think of returning! He arrived from Denver in 2011 and spent six and a half seasons at Madison Square Garden. A remarkable passage, big individual performances, but only three small appearances in Playoffs during the first three seasons. And since his departure, things have gotten a little more complicated, for the Knicks, as for him. A galley season at OKC, a transfer to Atlanta where he will not play, ten small games in Houston before being swung to Chicago where he will not play either and a sabbatical: we thought we had lost Melo forever. Then Portland tried it last November for what seemed to be the winger’s last chance in the NBA and Melo ensured by accepting his role as the third offensive option, even showing progress in defense at 35 years! A convincing season that should allow him to scratch at least one more season in the NBA. And if the experience with the Blazers could continue, the winger would also consider another lead according to the New York Post. Melo would think of returning to the Knicks, but on one condition: a CP3 trade to join him.

After a surprise season ended with a seven-game elimination against Houston in the first round, we are still in the dark about the future of the Thunder. With the departure of Billy Donovan and the desire to develop young people, it was thought that CP3 would pack up just to seek a last challenge and let the franchise launch the first reconstruction of the Thunder era. Except that since then, we have alternated between hot and cold for the future of Point God. Several franchises would be interested, including the Knicks, but the leader would not have asked for a trade, contrary to what one might think. At the same time, between OKC and New York, not sure that it changes much to his chances of getting a title in the next two years. Leon Rose, the current president of the Knicks and former agent of the two players, would in any case be hot to bring back Melo, with or without Chris Paul. What give a reason to the supporters to come to Madison Square Garden next season to temporize while waiting to become again a real basketball team.

Rejected by the entire NBA a year ago, Carmelo Anthony could already have two offers on the table in the coming months: then, the stability of the Blazers who revived him or the kiff of possibly finding Chris Paul at the Knicks ?

Source texte : New York Post

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