KNAB urges to initiate criminal prosecution against Vekols, a member of Ķekava City Council

Corruption Office for the Prevention and Control ofKNAB) on Monday, 27 July, sent the criminal case file to the Riga District Court Prosecutor’s Office for prosecution against one Ķekavas informed the local government official about requesting a bribe and one natural person about mediation in bribery.

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Although KNAB does not name Ķekava municipality on behalf of local government officials, the portal “Delfi”, referring to LTV, already reported that last September KNAB detained Aigars Vītols, a deputy of Ķekava County Council (LZS).

The KNAB initially initiated the relevant criminal proceedings under Section 320, Paragraph three of the Criminal Law, but in the course of the investigation, upon obtaining additional information, it was reclassified under Section 320, Paragraph four and Section 322, Paragraph one of the Criminal Law.

On 12 August 2019, within the framework of the criminal proceedings initiated by the KNAB, urgent criminal procedural actions were performed, including a special investigative experiment.

The materials of the criminal case contain information that an official of Ķekava municipality may have requested a bribe from the entrepreneur in the amount of 30,000 euros in order for the entrepreneur to receive the last payment from Ķekava municipality for the performance of construction works within the project.

KNAB, by sending the materials of the criminal case, concludes the pre-trial investigation stage in accordance with its competence.

In the future, the prosecutor’s office, as the person conducting the proceedings, must decide on the progress of the criminal case.

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KNAB reminds that no person is considered guilty until their guilt in committing a criminal offense is established in accordance with the procedures prescribed by law.

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