KNAB has initiated 30 criminal cases in “Riga time” in Riga municipal departments and companies – In Latvia – News

It is significant that the municipal SIA “Rīgas satiksme” and free tickets for many Rigans were one of the reasons that allowed “S Harmonai” to strengthen its popularity and were sunk, when, among all other scandals, Ušakovs was “shaken” in the 270 million euro procurement of Rīgas satiksme. .

In the new term, “S Harmony” has rarely nominated the hitherto known Konstantin Chekushin as the leader, but

more than 10 of the candidates have sat in the old council who have received secret bonuses as consultants to municipal companies;

cases have been initiated against several, including for fraud in the Riga Tourism Development Bureau.

Many scandals shed light on the same key people who helped behind the scenes with a number of dubious deals.

Five years ago, “Nekā personīga” discovered fraud with detergents in “Rīgas satiksme”.

The company paid about 800 thousand euros for water, not nano chemistry.

Part of the money was transferred to what the parties to the transaction called “insurers”. They have helped to make the purchases of “Rīgas satiksme” favorable for the organizers of the scheme.

According to Vita Baurovska, involved in the scheme, the contact person was Boris Tsarjovs, a close business partner of Ushakov’s adviser Erik Teilan. The money was taken to an office at 23 Antonijas Street, where both the Baltic Insurance House (BAN), which is indirectly owned by Taylan, and Carjova’s companies are located.

Ushakov called the open scheme “Nothing Personal” a classic example of black PR.

It was the mayor of Riga who posted the confession of Vita Baurovska’s video on social networks. She read a statement from a leaflet that what she had previously told journalists about the fraudulent schemes was not true.

The municipal company “Rīgas satiksme” did not report for a long time as a victim of the nano-water scandal, however, Ushakov’s allegations about the black PR campaign turned out to be a lie.

The Competition Council imposed a fine of 2.4 million euros on the municipal company for the prohibited agreement during the procurement.

Rīgas satiksme appealed the penalty, but the Regional Administrative Court ruled that it was justified.

In municipal companies, employees and also movable and immovable property are in many cases insured by the company BAN, which is related to Ushakov’s advisor Taylan. In recent years, Ushakov has no longer officially called Taylan his fellow.

He also avoids the press, although at first he was ready to even tell about his fleet and how he plans to buy Rolls-Royce,

which, besides him, will be only to the Sultan of Brunei.

In 2018, KNAB initiates criminal proceedings for the purchase of trams, trolleybuses and buses in Rīgas Satiksme.

The total amount of the transaction is huge – 270 million euros, but in bribes, probably 13-19 million.

The management of the municipal company and also a businessman close to politicians Maris Martinsons have been detained in the case. Ushakov does not deny that he is known. In addition, Martinosons was involved in transactions with Eric Taylan, who is close to him. The signatures of the chairman of the council are on the dubious agreements. At the end of January 2019, the KNAB conducted a search of both the Ushakov workplace in the City Council and the rented private house in Mežparks.

In October 2011, the Finance Department of the Riga City Council deposited 10 million lats in Latvijas Krājbanka, but a month later the FCMC suspended the work of Krājbanka. The strange deposit coincided with the time when it was planned to install photo radars in Latvia. Their implementation was ensured by Erik Taylan’s company Vitronic Baltica and the project was credited by the same Krājbanka.


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