Klopp sounds the alarm: ‘An early Christmas present, maybe I’ll send the points’

Jürgen Klopp fears he will barely be able to mobilize eleven players at Liverpool at the end of the season. The manager of The Reds speaks out loudly against the overcrowded playing calendar and makes an appeal to the broadcasters.

“We’ll be through it at the end of the season unless the broadcasters sit down to talk about the football schedule,” Klopp said. Sky Sports. “Everyone tells me that something like this is very difficult, but it is really difficult for the players. For the rest it is just a matter of making a decision from behind a desk.”

“We all have to adapt,” the German continues. “You stand here with a face mask, did you think that a year ago? That’s the situation. Everything has changed, but the contract with the broadcasters is still the same. That can’t be. If we keep playing on Wednesdays and Saturdays, you know. I’m not sure we’ll finish the season with eleven players. “

“People say we have to rotate. But how? We still have some forwards, but the rest are children. It’s a big problem,” Klopp points to the laundry list of absentees at Liverpool. “And I’m not just talking about Liverpool, I’m talking about all footballers”, Klopp continues, who points out, among other things, the serious injury of FC Barcelona defender Gerard Piqué.

“We will play against Atalanta in the on Wednesday Champions League and then Saturday at 1.30 pm against Brighton & Hove Albion “, continues Klopp, who also takes on Ajax in the billions ball with Liverpool.” It is an early Christmas present, we will still be shaking on our feet there. I am thinking of sending the points. That’s the situation. “

From Premier Leaguechampion is popular and therefore often plays his matches at a time that suits the TV channels. On Sunday, The Reds already played the late game against Leicester City. With Atalanta and Brighton, that means three duels in 6.5 days.

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