Klopp Loves Smart Shopping a la FSG


Metode transfer Fenway Sports Group criticized by many fans Liverpool. But Juergen Klopp actually happy. How come?

Since taking over Liverpool in 2010, FSG has indeed spent a lot of money not only on building the squad, but also renovating Anfield and building a new training center in Kirkby.

Especially since Klopp’s arrival in November 2015, FSG has been able to fulfill almost all the demands of the German manager. Even though the nominal is not as big as Chelsea, Manchester City and Manchester City.

However, FSG is not like the three club owners because they have a method of selling first and then buying players. Because FSG doesn’t want Liverpool’s balance sheet to be disrupted because it’s wasteful.

This has annoyed Liverpool supporters because they think FSG is stingy and only wants to make a profit. Especially this season when Liverpool was hit by a hurricane of injuries, FSG seemed completely ignorant of the team’s condition.

Even if Liverpool cannot qualify for the Champions League, it will be a loss for FSH in terms of income. John W Henry as the owner of Liverpool is not afraid of this criticism and continues to use his transfer method which has proven to deliver six titles during Klopp’s time.

In line with Henry, Klopp is also happy to see how FSG carries out transfers because this can have a positive impact on the club’s finances. That will also be done when Klopp revitalizes the midfield next season.

“John is right. Just look at the players we bought in the last few transfer windows. Luis, Darwin, Cody, the forwards,” said Juergen Klopp Of Liverpool Echo.

“I feel that Sadio, Bobby and Mo have played together for a long time as one of the best attacking trios in the world. Sadio left last summer, we’ll see how Bobby will be in the summer, and it’s just Mo. But we have replaced them. and Diogo Jota was there before,” Klopp added.

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“That’s an investment, and it’s a wise and responsible investment. That’s what you want, need, and we need too. It’s true that this season we have been unlucky because of the storm of injuries, it doesn’t help at all, but let’s accept it and there is also Cody .”

“We will also do the same to overhaul other lines of this team and it might happen”


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