Klopp had to explain himself a lot when the journalist asked: Apologize to the whole continent Soccer

On Saturday Liverpool against Arsenal in Matchday 12 Premier League and he won this match 4: 0. One of the shooters four goals were Mohamed Salah i Sadio Mane, that is the two basic players of the team who will be absent between January 9 and February 6 just because of the African Nations Cup being played at that time. Juergen Klopp expressed his opinion on this matter during the Saturday conference.

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– I have often heard that there will not be a single national team until March. Ah, but I would just like to say that in January there will be a small tournament in Africa, I think Asia will also be playing and South America will also. Great, can’t wait, he said Jürgen Klopp with a dissatisfied face.

Juergen Klopp irritated the journalist. “It reduces the players. The coach should apologize.”

These words irritated one of the journalists. Ojora Babatunde said that the Liverpool coach disregarded the game in Africa, so he decided to raise this topic during the last match in Champions League. – I think it detracts from players, fans and all citizens. The coach should apologize to the whole continent – said the reporter.

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Suddenly, Juergen Klopp interrupted Babatunde’s further statement. – Stop, stop, stop. This is not what I meant. Honestly, I don’t know why you took it that way. Come on. I did not even think about it to define Africa Cup of Nations A “little tournament”, not to mention Africa as a continent. Absolutely. What I meant, which you would understand if you watched the entire conference, was that I was told there were no representation breaks until March. I said, “Ah, we have a little tournament in January.” However, it was not about its rank, but the fact that it is held on that date was ironic, replied the German.

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– It is still a very important tournament. We are losing our best players because of him – added Klopp. However, the journalist accused him that if it were European competitions, the German would not have commented on them in this way. – English is not my native language, but if you want to misunderstand me, you will do it every time. I never thought so. I really don’t know why you took it that way. These were not my intentions, so to be honest, what you are doing is not cool – the trainer concluded Liverpool.

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Watching the Juergen Klopp conference on Saturday, you can see the facial expressions as well as the way the coach said he was “looking forward” to the January training camps. There was irony in that. Whoever follows a German’s work in Liverpool also knows that in the past The German has already criticized some ideas related to representative camps. He also spoke negatively about the idea of ​​organizing the World Cup more often.


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