Klever Kino is very popular again after Corona.

Cinema attendance is increasing rapidly

On Sunday, 1100 guests were counted for the first time after the Corona break. After the bitter weeks there is still some catching up to do in terms of cinema.

The number of cinema-goers in Klever Tichelpark has only known one direction for a few days: steeply uphill. The cinemas had to close for eight months during the corona crisis. Now the number of guests is increasing steadily and, above all, quickly. The highlight so far has been Sunday. 1100 visitors were counted on that day. “People are running into us at the moment. After the bitter weeks there is still some catching up to do in terms of cinema. People missed part of their leisure time, ”says Reinhard Berens, Operations Manager at Tichelpark Cinemas. One film in particular is responsible for the rapid increase: “Paw Patrol – The Cinema”. On display since this year, it is an absolute hit and regularly fills the great hall. 20 performances were already sold out. “This is an absolute hit across Germany,” says Berens. “Paw Patrol – The Movie” is part of the children’s adventure film category.

The high number of visitors is also remarkable because stricter corona protection measures are considered to be required in the Tichelpark cinemas. This leaves two seats free next to each visitor. The mouth and nose protection must be worn during the film and may only be removed for eating or drinking. “We are more careful than other houses. From our point of view, it’s the right way, ”says Berens. The measures have not harmed the growing rush.

The upcoming program should ensure that the numbers continue to be correct. For example, the film “Der Rausch” is on the program on Wednesday. This can be seen in the series “The Special Film”. Mads Mikkelsen plays the main role of a teacher who is not particularly successful in teaching. His students are working to get him fired. In the next week, starting on Monday, there will be six performances over three days in which Nomadland will be shown with Frances McDormand in the lead role. Nomadland did a lot of clearing at the Oscar awards.

The ticket sale already shows Berens how the next few days will develop. “We generally recommend booking your admission ticket online. So everyone can choose their place, ”he explains.

The next highlight awaits on September 30th. Then the premiere of the new James Bond film will run. Title: “No Time to Die”.



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