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Attack on a jogger at the tank monument in Kleinmachnow (Brandenburg): According to the police, a jogger was attacked by an unknown person there on Sunday evening and then abused!

► The criminal police in Potsdam is investigating suspected criminal offenses against sexual self-determination. According to a police spokesman when asked about BILD, the following had happened:

The woman had been reported missing in the evening by relatives because she had not turned up at home as agreed. The relatives knew that she was jogging in a forest area between Berlin and Potsdam.

The officers made their way to the relatives’ house to include details for a description. Shortly before the police reached the house, the woman appeared. She was slightly injured, had skin abrasions!

According to the police, she said that when she was jogging she was overwhelmed by a stranger and pulled into a bush. Then he had gone to her. The spokesman did not give details because of the ongoing investigation. The age of the woman was also not disclosed due to personality reasons.

An investigator walks through the forest area in Brandenburg with a flashlight and a dog. Traces could be secured, as a spokesman said on Monday

Foto: NonstopNews

According to the woman, she finally managed to tear herself away from the man. Then she grabbed the bike he was traveling with and fled home with it. That evening the woman was taken to a hospital, where she was examined, among other things, forensic medicine.

Meanwhile, the police launched a large-scale search for the alleged perpetrator. Officials from the federal police, the Brandenburg and Berlin police arrived. The forest area was searched with a dog, a helicopter was also in use.

Police issue first personal description

According to the police, traces could be saved. And: There is a vague description of the perpetrator that needs further verification. It is currently assumed that the man is about 20 to 25 years old and of slim stature. It is said to be around 1.75 meters tall.

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