Kleine Zeitung Club: Christian Wehrschütz: “We have to show the situation as it is”

The journalist and Kleine Zeitung correspondent Christian Wehrschütz talked about his work between the gorges of the Balkans and the war in Ukraine. In an interview with Kleine foreign policy chief Maria Schaunitzer and moderator Thomas Cik, Wehrschütz explained how he deals with dangers, makes decisions under pressure, but also where limits are placed when his own security is at stake. “If you are not calm, you must not do it”, Wehrschütz faced many difficult situations.

Schaunitzer explained how the editorial team classifies and weighs information from crisis areas and how concrete cooperation with correspondents works. Regarding his journalistic guidelines, Wehrschütz said: “If journalists have a mission, they should go to an NGO. Our job is to present the situation as it is.”

The conversation took place within the Kleine Zeitung Club in the Styria Media Center.

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