KlasJet suspects foul play around transport of the Belgian football team

Brussels Airlines has been the partner of the Belgian football association KBVB for many years. However, because of the large distances that the Red Devils have to cover during this European Championship, it has been decided to fly with KlasJet, which operates flights with luxury Boeing 737s that only have Business Class seats on board. Incidentally, the Belgians are not the only ones who opt for a different airline than usual during the European Championship. For example, the Dutch national team flew with a luxury aircraft from the British Titan Airways, and the team from Wales used a spacious aircraft from the Spanish Privilege Style.

The choice for a foreign airline over Brussels Airlines not only led to a fuss on social media, but KlasJet also struggles with the negative effects in practice, according to its own reading. “We have been terrorized for a month, with the help of the Belgian authorities,” the Lithuania-based airline said.

It mentions the arrest of the crew at Charleroi Airport as an example. According to the VIP pilot, he was interrogated for hours, without a reason being given. In addition, according to the company, excessive inspections are taking place and countless hate emails are received. Reports also appeared in the newspaper that KlasJet would underpay its staff.

KlasJet suspects evil intent and claims that Brussels Airport and Brussels Airlines are behind the witch hunt. The Red Devils use Charleroi Airport, instead of Zaventem, which should be against the sore leg according to KlasJet.

The airline even goes so far as to inform the Belgian authorities, who would also be involved in the smear campaign, of ‘Belarusian practices’.

When asked, Brussels Airlines strongly denies having anything to do with a smear campaign. “Obviously we are sorry that we are not allowed to transport the Red Devils, since we have also made them an offer. However, we cannot offer an aircraft with only Business Class seats. Nevertheless, we remain partners of the KBVB,” said a spokesperson. Brussels Airlines has a bright red Airbus A320 with a Red Devils theme. This is now only used on scheduled flights.


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