[KLARIFIKASI] Can Palm Massage Techniques for Cardiac Blockage Therapy?


Based on Kompas.com’s verification so far, there is something that needs to be clarified regarding this information.

KOMPAS.com – A video circulating on Facebook social media shows a man practicing massage therapy for his palms and fingers.

The video’s narration claims that the therapy can cure heart blockages.

Based on the confirmation of the Fact Check Team Kompas.comthe narrative is not true.

Cardiologists say the technique has nothing to do with curing heart blockages.

Circulating narrative

A video showing how to cure a heart block by massaging your fingers and palms was shared on Facebook by the account this and this.

Here’s the narrative that was shared:

The exercise this man demonstrated has healed and saved thousands of people from heart blockage….! Now the video has gone viral and thousands of heart patients are looking for this clip. So, watch this clip and try this exercise. Some people claim that their back pain goes away in just 7 days….! He felt the blood rushing down his neck and back. May be useful

The account shared a 32-second video showing a man massaging a number of points on the palm and fingers.

photo" data-photolink="http://www.kompas.com/cekfakta/image/2022/05/13/091435282/klarifikasi-teknik-pijat-telapak-tangan-bisa-untuk-terapi-penyumbatan?page=2" style="max-width: 100%;width:750px">Hoax, heart blockage therapy by massaging the palms and fingersScreenshot Hoax, heart blockage therapy by massaging the palms and fingers

Confirmation Kompas.com

Fact Check Team Kompas.com asked a cardiologist for an explanation to verify the truth of the narrative.

A heart and blood vessel specialist at the Solo Baru Indriati Hospital, M Triadhy Nugraha Y, said the technique shown in the video is basically acupuncture/acupressure.

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