Klaasje’s farewell tour has officially started: “Together with Hanne and Marthe, I will only enjoy the coming months” | Music

Since these are her last shows for Klaasje, Hanne and Marthe asked their fans to write two letters. In the first place a farewell letter for Klaasje and on the other hand a letter in which they tell what the future K3 should look like. These letters are also the common thread in the various shows. In addition, during the performances, Hanne, Klaasje and Marthe look back on the past six years and tell more about their dreams from the past. And of course there is still plenty of room for music: in total there are no less than 22 songs (!) in the shows.

Today the first performance started in the Ethias Theater in Hasselt and the three girls have been looking forward to it. “We are very happy that after a year and a half we could finally introduce our show to our fans and finally greet all those smiling faces again”, Hanne says. Her colleague Marthe emphasizes that all performances are always corona-proof. And what about Klaasje? She wants to make a lot of beautiful memories during her last shows as K3-tje: “Together with Hanne and Marthe I will only enjoy the coming months”, it sounds resolute.


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