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Medina, August 8, 2022

The Indonesian Hajj Health Office (KKHI) Medina, treated a 62-year-old ONH Plus congregant with a post-stroke diagnosis. The congregation has been treated at KKHI Madinah since July 25, 2022. Previously, the person concerned was treated at the Madinah Grand Hospital, and returned to KKHI for recovery.

According to the Medina KKHI team of doctors, dr. Rifky Mubarak, Sp.KFR, in question has hemiparesis duplex, which is weakness of four limbs. In addition, there is also a decrease in cognition, both awareness and communication and verbal skills.

While being treated at KKHI Medina, the congregation was not fitted with breathing apparatus and feeding tubes. According to dr. The Rifky in question still has a pretty good swallowing response

“He is able to swallow and not choke, so we don’t attach a feeding tube” he said

During the recovery process, the person concerned receives regular passive physical therapy to reduce muscle weakness and joint adhesions. Therapy is carried out starting from sitting therapy, limb movement of the hands and feet.

“We wake up by staying leaning on the bed (bed) slowly, starting at 450, then 600 for 10 minutes. If the tension is good, it can be up to 900 upright position for five minutes, then repeated for 30-60 minutes per day” explained dr. Rifky

In addition to receiving sitting therapy, the person concerned also gets therapy for the scope of the joints or range of motion, both for the upper and lower limbs. For the upper limbs, passive therapy is carried out for the joints of the hands, elbows, and shoulders, 10 minutes each for each part, with straight and bend movements. Likewise with the lower limbs, starting from the pelvis, knees, and ankles.

While the Coordinator of the KKHI Medina Nurse, Ns Okta Mustikalah said that while being treated at KKHI Makkah, the nurse team also prepared the basic needs of patients, starting from bathing, providing food, and so on. Drug therapy is also given according to the recommendation of the doctor in charge of the service.

“During our treatment here, there were not too many obstacles for us as nurses. The patient’s vital condition is also generally good, starting from blood pressure to breathing,” he said.

In accordance with the recommendations of the Medina KKHI team of doctors, the congregation is in a transportable condition or in a stable condition and can be returned to Indonesia.

“Hemodynamics is stable, does not depend on oxygen and tolerance to position is also quite good, swallowing response is also good, no need for hose assistance,” said the Medina KKHI team of doctors, dr. Rifky Mubarak, Sp.KFR Sunday (7/8).

For flight eligibility, the congregation has also been provided with the MEDIF (Medical Information Form) from the RSAS. However, in the process of returning home, there must still be assistance from the family and from the organizers (PIHK).

“Stroke is a disease with the most severe level of disability, starting from communication, memory, mobilization, even daily activities that must be assisted by a caregiver. For that we need assistance from the family or PIHK,” he added

Head of Health Section of Daker Madinah dr. Rahmat Kurniawan said that his party had coordinated with the head of the Madinah Daker Amin Handoyo for the repatriation of the PIHK congregation.

“Madina cadre Pak Amin has responded and he always asks Travel to immediately repatriate the PIHK congregation,” said Rahmat

As of Sunday (7/8), KKHI Medina treated 281 pilgrims, both batch one and batch two. KKHI Madinah will provide health services until the end of the operational period on August 13, 2022.

Corona Virus Hotline 119 ext 9. This news was broadcast by the Bureau of Communications and Public Services, Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia. For further information, please contact the Halo Ministry of Health hotline number via hotline 1500-567, SMS 081281562620, facsimile (021) 5223002, 52921669, and email address contact@kemkes.go.id (D2)

Head of Communication and Community Service Bureau

drg. Widyawati, MKM

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