Kiva reacted to the appeal of the JFO fighters


Ilya Kiva responded to the Ukrainian military, who were outraged by Putin’s congratulations

The People’s Deputy said that the Ukrainian servicemen in the trenches had watched the TV, and explained their reaction by “the soldier’s resentment against his commander.”

Ilya Kiva, People’s Deputy from OLE, reacted to the invitation of the Ukrainian military to come to them in Donbass to greet the Russians. I posted my policy response on Saturday, October 9 in Telegram-channel.

So, Kiva accused the fighters of allegedly watching TV.

“The guys are in their seventh year in the war in a trench, and today this trench is almost their entire world, and the TV still says that Putin is to blame for everything … My task as a politician is to take them out of the trenches and return them to their mothers, wives and children, to stop war! “- wrote the People’s Deputy.

Recall a few days ago Kiva congratulated the President of Russia on his birthday Vladimir Putin, calling him a “great ruler” who is writing “a new history of Slavic peace and unity.”

In response, Ukrainian the military in the Donbass recorded a video, in which they said that by his act Kiva “crossed the line” and “spat on the graves” of the defenders who died in eastern Ukraine.

It was also reported that the head of the UDAR party executive committee Artur The ward demanded to punish Ilya Kiva for congratulating Putin. He called on the SBU to open a case against the people’s deputy under the article on treason, and to the Verkhovna Rada to deprive him of his deputy mandate.

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