Kiss scene with Selma Blair in Cruel Intentions made Demi Lovato realize she was bi | Entertainment

entertainment“>“It was when I was young and I certainly hadn’t Cruel Intentions should watch, but I did. It was the scene where they kissed in the park, ”said Demi. In the scene in question, Gellar’s character learns from Blair how to kiss.

entertainment“>“I was like, ‘oh, but wait a minute, I really like that. I want to try that. ‘ And when I was 17, I really liked it and then I knew it. ”

entertainment“>The singer did not hide her sexuality after that, but was still surprised that her fans did not always realize it. “I’ve written songs about girls where my fans thought they were about boys,” she says. “I’m surprised some of them didn’t find out that some of the songs were for certain people. I shared it with the world, yet it was not entirely clear what I was talking about. Music was my safe place. ”

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