Kishida and Zelensky’s Meeting Marks Heightened Diplomatic Rivalry Between G7 and China-Russia

Kishida visits Kiiwu during China-Russia summit
Meeting with Indian Prime Minister Modi… Paving stones to stick to the G7
Major Western countries likely to accelerate China-Russia containment
Korea may be strongly requested to participate in containment of China and Russia


As Prime Minister Fumio Kishida made a surprise visit to Kiiu, Ukraine, the unity of the G7 under the banner of support for Ukraine and sanctions against Russia was further strengthened.

With Prime Minister Kishida’s visit to Kiiwu, the confrontational structure between the West and China and Russia is becoming clearer.

Correspondent Kim Se-ho on the sidewalk.


After visiting India, Prime Minister Kishida visited Kiiu, Ukraine, secretly.

Having a summit meeting with President Volodymyr Zelensky and emphasizing unwavering support for Ukraine holds great symbolic meaning for the G7.

[기시다 후미오 / 일본 총리 : 이번 회담에서 일본이 에너지 분야에 무상으로 4억7천만 달러를 지원하고 나토 펀드를 통한 비치명적 장비 구매에 3천만 달러를 지원하기로 합의했습니다.]

In particular, the visit of Prime Minister Kishida, the head of the G7 presidency this year, was made when Chinese President Xi Jinping visited Russia and showed off his close relationship with President Putin.

It is observed that this is also to contain China, which is trying to increase diplomatic influence through the role of intermediary between Ukraine and Russia, and to clarify the united message of the G7.

The Nihon Keizai Shimbun reported that at the China-Russia summit, China insisted on a cease-fire and dialogue between Russia and Ukraine.

It was analyzed that such an expansion of China’s influence would be a blow to the G7 and could affect emerging and developing countries that are ambiguous about the invasion of Ukraine.

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Prime Minister Kishida’s earlier visit to Indian Prime Minister Modi is also interpreted as a stepping stone to bring India, which claims itself to be the leader of emerging and developing countries, closer to the G7.

After Prime Minister Kishida’s visit to Kiiu, major Western countries are expected to speed up their containment against China and Russia through the ‘Second Democracy Summit’ at the end of March and the G7 Hiroshima Summit in May.

In particular, if the Korea-US-Japan summit takes place on the occasion of the G7 meeting in Hiroshima, Korea may be asked to participate in a stronger check on China and Russia.

As the confrontation between the West, centered on the G7, and China and Russia becomes clearer, the diplomatic competition between the two camps is expected to heat up.

This is YTN Seho Kim from Tokyo.

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