Kiril Petkov’s laboratory with a contract for 10 years without paying rent

The laboratory of the resigned Prime Minister Kiril Petkov, which became famous due to the secession of deputies from “There is such a people”, is housed in the building of the Faculty of Biology of the SU “St. Kliment Ohridski” with a contract for 10 years, i.e. without paying rent for the premises, covering only its consumables, the agency reported PEAKreferring to the manager of the building Stefan Chankov.

The premises in the building, to which a separate entrance also leads, were renovated and equipped by the Harvard student for BGN 800,000, Chankov also announced. And he revealed that he was very pleased with this presence in the Faculty of Biology, because before the appearance of Petkov, there was a completely run-down restaurant of “some deputy minister”.

Chankov also explained that Kiril Petkov appeared in the building with his foundation and invested in the so-called laboratory BGN 800,000

The agency specifies that the money invested in the laboratory in question is distributed as follows: BGN 300,000 from “America for Bulgaria” and BGN 500,000 personally from Kiril Petkov, probably from his entrepreneurial activities. The grant from “America for Bulgaria” is from 2018. But a year before that, Denkov was acting minister of science and education in Rumen Radev’s first acting government – that of Ognyan Gerdzhikov. Kiril Petkov, and before that Asen Vasilev, have already been promoted to Radev from the “Prokopiev” circle as the future avatars of the conquest of the state by him and them.

Nikolay Denkov is also a part of this circle, and it was he who mediated for Petkov to become a scientist at SU by taking over its territory from Alma Mater. Their path also passes through the SU rector Anastas Gerdzhikov, who lost his position as “rector of the rectors” precisely because of these contacts, PIK writes.

And Nikolay Denkov became Minister of Education in the second and third official governments of Rumen Radev together with Kiril Petkov and Asen Vasilev in the second, from where they took power. He then entered their government and became the founder of their party.

It is curious that, according to the manager of the building, Stefan Chankov, Petkov and Vasilev do not pay any rent, apart from consumables, because “after all, our professors, doctoral students and students work in this laboratory”.

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