Kiril Petkov: With the ceiling for loans in BDB we have stopped 850 loans with an average size of 50 million.

The caretaker Minister of Economy Kiril Petkov

With the ceiling for loans in the Bulgarian Development Bank (BDB) we have stopped 850 loans with an average amount of 50 million, said to BNR the Minister of Economy Kiril Petkov.

According to him, the revelations in BDB were not the biggest problem, but the actual suspension of 850 loans, which were in the process of approval and were on the final right to be given. According to him, the average size of these loans was over 50 million. His version is that by putting a ceiling on bank loans, those affected have reacted.

“So far, we are playing it as a team in the caretaker government and for me it would be taking responsibility in the right way,” Petkov added. “When you don’t feel alone, like a white bird that almost no one understands, that feeling is very good,” Petkov commented on the Facebook group in support of him, which has more than 90,000 members.



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