Kiril Petkov: Those who stole and took money from Gazprom want to take us down

US gas is 4 times cheaper than Gazprom, will come at an equivalent price

I expect an institution for the protection of Bulgarians in northern Macedonia soon, the prime minister announced

When Gazprom stopped gas unilaterally, we had to find an alternative very quickly. We reviewed the options and in the US the price is around 26 dollars per megawatt, about 100 euros is in Europe, and at Gazprom the price is 82 euros. It is easy to see that supplies from the United States, despite ship shipments, are so large that the gas will come at a good price.

This was announced by Prime Minister Kiril Petkov in an interview with Nova TV.

The problem was that everyone was currently looking for gas and it was important for Bulgaria to come in and ask. It is important for us to show that Bulgaria is not dependent and from now on no one can shake our hands, said Kiril Petkov.

Deliveries from the United States will come at a price equivalent to that of Gazprom, he added. The contract was signed directly with an American company, but I do not want to give names, said the Prime Minister. The ships will arrive on June 8th and 23rd, the prime minister said.

The Prime Minister also boasted that it had been agreed that Bulgaria would receive the entire amount of Azeri gas without starting the operation of the Greek connection.

The price of natural gas for May rose by 14%, but fell in June because the ships can not come from today to today, Petkov explained.

If we can negotiate a better price in 3-4 days after the gas shutdown, then we will manage, as we did with the case of Ukraine and the weapons. Apparently, this government is gaining momentum, the prime minister was adamant when asked if the coalition will survive.

The political tension comes first from people who stole and hurried before being caught by the European Prosecutor’s Office, Petkov said, pointing to the former rulers. How long the European Prosecutor’s Office has depends on how much people will trust us, he added. The opening of pre-trial proceedings in the European Prosecutor’s Office has already been passed as a step for many people, the Prime Minister added. According to him, these people knew that they were between 3 and 6 months old.

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The second group is affiliated with energy projects that have been making money from Gazprom-related projects for years – and they are from the group to overthrow the government, Petkov added.

He said that after the refusal in September to use the entire amount of Azeri gas, Bulgaria used three times more expensive fuel than Gazprom.

The small carriers are already giving us ideas that are not just about giving money from the state, the Prime Minister pointed out as an example of trust. He said he understood that some of the carriers who would protest on Wednesday were pressured by rising fuel prices. However, the question is how we redistribute money from retirees, health, business, mothers with children for them.

They interrupted me four times and said they didn’t have time to dry me. Then I told them that whoever doesn’t have time to listen to me, I showed them the door, the Prime Minister explained about the scandalous recording published by the carriers after a failed meeting with him. When someone came with demands to change three ministers, it was a purely political process, he was adamant.

I wanted to inform them that when we remove the excise tax on natural gas, many of the trucks will benefit from this, Petkov explained.

We asked the United States for an option due to the delay of F-16 fighters until 2025. We were promised second-hand aircraft, talking about about 6 aircraft, the prime minister said. As he expects the payments from Bulgaria to be only operating costs for operation.

This war, unfortunately, will be for several years to come. And we must be very close in Bulgaria. We must be sure that we are defending our interests and not putting the country in an additional crisis. This is the right government for this moment, Petkov added. His forecast was based on information from partners. He did not expect the war in Ukraine to escalate into World War III, but is worried about bringing the conflict to Moldova.

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This war is currently military, but in Europe it has economic dimensions, the prime minister added.

Bulgaria will be included in the exceptions of the oil embargo against Russia, Petkov assured, referring to his agreements with the European Commission. Bulgaria cannot afford to stop oil economically after diversifying sharply from 95 to 0 percent of Russian gas, he explained.

This week, a measure of 25 cents per liter will be released when refueling at a gas station, the prime minister promised. The discount will be for refueling 50 liters of fuel. There are measures for pensions and removal of the excise tax on natural gas, it is being considered whether there will be a limit on how many times 50 liters will be able to be loaded with a discount, Petkov explained. The aid will be used directly at the gas station.

He aimed to quickly change the composition of the Commission for Protection of Competition in order to prevent cartels.

“Balkan Stream” is a project that spends 3 billion Bulgarian money, and serves Russian interests and another receives gas, Petkov explained. He again linked the inspection he ordered to the arrest of former Prime Minister Boyko Borissov and the jeep found in the garage of his publicist Sevdelina Arnaudova, which was donated by the builder of the Bulgartransgaz gas pipeline. If half of that money was given to the Greek connection, it would be built, Petkov said.

In the negotiations with Northern Macedonia, the truth is that all Bulgarians know that Northern Macedonia must be in the EU and the rights of Bulgarians there are to be protected. I expect RSM to establish an institution for the rights of Bulgarians in the country soon, said the Prime Minister regarding relations with Bulgaria’s southwestern neighbors and our veto for starting negotiations between Skopje and the EU.

We will not do anything without the National Assembly, but who wants a poor neighbor outside the EU, Petkov concluded.

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