Kiril Petkov before SRF: There are 20 gray cardinals that we must get rid of

The Prime Minister Kiril Petkov

“Those who are corrupt often receive money from Russia,” Bulgarian Prime Minister Kiril Petkov said in an interview with Swiss Radio. According to him, there are 20 gray cardinals in the country, from which Bulgaria must get rid of

He is determined to change his country, considered the poorest and most corrupt in the entire EU, and his supporters see it as the last hope for Bulgaria. Kiril Petkov is the prime minister of a country where many people feel connected to Russia and where the government could fall apart at any moment. “I think about it every day,” Petkov told Swiss Radio and Television correspondent Sarah Novotny. Deutsche Welle.

“Twenty Corrupt Gray Cardinals”

“42-year-old Kiril Petkov is probably the first Bulgarian prime minister to be trusted when he says his government does not show any tolerance for corruption,” the Sofia report said. And the issue of corruption is not so complicated, according to Petkov: “With a population of 6.5 million people in Bulgaria, there are twenty gray cardinals who are corrupt and from whom we must get rid of,” said the prime minister.

However, corruption has long been everywhere, and Petkov had to form a coalition with the former communists and the party of showman Slavi Trifonov to form a government. “We work hard together and I wish we were more constructive,” Petkov said.

The old guard – powerful and corrupt

The article further recalls the story of the detention of former Prime Minister Boyko Borissov on suspicion of receiving a bribe. Only a day later, however, he was released. “In Bulgaria, the chief prosecutor does not support the work of the government, he is part of the old corrupt elite,” Petkov said. The chief prosecutor has enormous power and it will be very difficult for the prime minister to get rid of him – not without the help of former communists, who are part of the problem of corruption today, Sofia correspondence said.

The same is true in relations with Russia, which are close. Or as Petkov himself says: “Whoever is corrupt in Bulgaria often receives money from Russia.” The report says Petkov condemns Russian aggression: “It is appalling that there is such an aggressive regime in Europe that is forcing the people of Ukraine to wage war.”

“We have not betrayed our principles”

However, the greatest danger to Petkov’s political destiny stems from the fact that many Bulgarians can barely make ends meet: inflation has reached 14 percent, everything is getting more expensive – especially food. The government spends billions on the poorest, but that money opens up loopholes elsewhere. Many people are already accusing the government of not doing enough for them. And there are those who say the state is doing more for refugees.

Petkov looks tired, but assures: “We have not betrayed our principles.” The question is how much time he has left. Because there is no small danger that it will also fail due to the intertwining of corruption, politics and courts.

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