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Kirby and the Forgotten World is set to release on March 25 for Nintendo Switch. It is the first 3D platform game in the series and features a local co-op mode where two players can progress through the adventure together.

The aim of the game is to free as many trapped Waddle Dees as possible. The game includes a hub from where players can enter the different worlds like in the 3d-Mario games. Includes snow, water, desert and fairground worlds, Nintendo said on Twitter. Just like in the 2d Kirby games, it is possible to suck up enemies and take over their attacks.

In co-op mode, one player plays as Kirby and the other as Bandana-Waddle Dee. The latter has a spear to attack with by default, but doesn’t get the ability to take over enemies’ abilities. The co-op is only possible locally, so not via an online connection.

This isn’t the first Kirby game for Nintendo Switch. This is how 2d platform game appeared before Kirby: Star Allies in a fighting game titled Kirby Fighters 2. How much Kirby and the Forgotten World will cost when the game comes out on March 25 has not been announced.

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