“Kingdom Tears: The Legend of Zelda” “The Ultimate Hand” pays homage to Nintendo’s classic childhood games with a rich backstory.

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“The Legend of Zelda Kingdom Tears” released many new gameplays in the live video on March 28. Among them, the “Ultimate Hand”, which can combine the ability to paste objects, is not only similar to the toys launched by Nintendo in the early years. There are some similarities, and the name “Ultrahand” is exactly the same, which has a strong meaning of reference and tribute.

In the game “The Legend of Zelda Kingdom Tears”, the main function of “Ultimate Hand” is to move and paste various materials in the air to make a vehicle that is convenient for Link to move.

And the toy Ultrahand launched by Nintendo in 1973, the main gameplay is to extend the plastic clip to a distance, so that children playing can easily pick up things in different places such as high bookcases. fun of.

From the first impression, the gameplay of the toy Ultrahand and the “ultimate hand” in this game can only be said to be a bit similar, but it is obviously a tribute to Nintendo’s official memories. Because the person who invented the toy Ultrahand is Yokoi Gunpei, known as Shigeru Miyamoto’s “mentor”, and he is also the inventor of consoles such as Game Boy and Game & Watch.

“The Legend of Zelda Kingdom Tears” will be launched on May 12, 2023. It is an exclusive work for Switch. In addition to the information released so far, players around the world are also looking forward to it. Nintendo will reveal more ideas as the release date approaches. play.

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