King sees fight against corona

Queen Máxima was also on the road on Thursday. In Driebergen she visited health center De Bosrand. There she watched GPs and doctor’s assistants and heard how they perform their work during corona time.

Generous meeting
In Belgium this week, people responded with surprise and enthusiasm to the meeting between King Albert and his illegitimate daughter Princess Delphine. The reunification took place in Belvédère Castle, the home of the retired royal couple Albert and Paola. “After the tumult, suffering and injuries, it is time for forgiveness, healing and reconciliation,” the Belgian court said on behalf of the trio. How does royalty watcher Wim Dehandschutter explain King Albert’s sudden openness?

By mode van Máxima
And on this last day of October, fashion journalist Josine Droogendijk takes a closer look at Queen Máxima’s recent looks. What has she been wearing for the past few weeks and what stood out about her outfits?

This and more royal news from home and abroad, Saturday 31 October at 7:55 PM on NPO 2.

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