King Saud Medical City Confirms Ineffectiveness of “Manjaro” Slimming Needles for Permanent Weight Loss

King Saud Medical City confirmed the ineffectiveness of “Manjaro” slimming needles in permanent weight loss for those looking for non-surgical alternatives.

And she indicated that these injections are a temporary treatment for weight gain, as many patients regain their weight immediately after they stop using them, and they are not considered a substitute for weight loss operations for people with excessive and morbid obesity.

She explained that obesity is a chronic disease that requires treatment for a long period of time, and a change in lifestyle to reach an appropriate appearance and good health.

She indicated that there is a decrease in weight that may reach 23% of the weight during the first year of using needles, based on what has been published in scientific research, as this decrease is conditional on the patient continuing to use needles (hormonal medication) and changing lifestyle (diet). and sports).

She noted that those who are eligible to take this type of hormonal treatment are overweight who have not reached the stage of pathogenic obesity, which requires surgical interventions.

2023-06-04 10:45:31

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