King Salman Makes Iran Shattering, Middle East Turbulent

King of Saudi Arabia Salman Abdulaziz. Photo: Reuters – The situation in the Middle East is getting hotter after the King of Saudi Arabia Salman Abdulaziz cast harsh criticism on Iran.

King Salman openly stated that Iran created a terrorist network when he addressed the UN general assembly last week.

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At that time, King Salman also accused Iran of exploiting the nuclear deal in 2015.

The accusation of King Salman immediately made Iran angry. The Iranian government immediately issued a scathing reply.

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh immediately pointed to the face of King Salman.

“Repeated and worthless accusations from the rulers of Saudi Arabia are not the way for Riyadh to achieve its goals,” said Khatibzadeh as reported by Reuters, Wednesday (30/9).

As if dissatisfied, Khatibzadeh continued to criticize Saudi Arabia.


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