King Power Group launches SV TEAM CHALLENGE campaign

February 12, 2021


Create sales force from employees. Combine the benefits of the entire business system Stimulating the retail and tourism industry

King Power Group extends the ad hoc strategy model KING POWER TEAM POWER Provide superior experience and rewarding benefits from products and services. Covering the whole ground-online system of businesses in the group of companies Through the use of employee ID (SV Code) in a new campaign. SV TEAM CHALLENGE Under the concept Life Beyond Boundaries Stimulating the retail and tourism industry Which is ready to receive benefits at the same time from February 12, 2021 Onwards

Mr. Aiyawat Srivaddhanaprabha, Chief Executive Officer of King Power Group The leader of the integrated tourism business revealed that “From the epidemic situation of the COVID-19 virus From the last year to the present It affects society and the economy around the world continuously. In the past, we have modified our product service model to be in line with the situation with the KING POWER TEAM POWER project that allows all employees of the company to To take part in creating awareness and selling products. By offering discounts to customers through employee code or SV Code, which was received very well. As a result, customers come to use the service on online channels. KINGPOWER.COM and King POWER applications added. It allows us to expand our customer base to new groups. At the same time, it allows our employees to earn extra income from selling products. And for customers Can confidently purchase quality products from leading brands Also get a discount that is worth it ”

To build on the feedback of Thai customers to the business model KING POWER TEAM POWER success, so King PowerProvide a superior shopping experience and service With more valuable benefits From businesses in the company group To customers in new campaigns SV TEAM CHALLENGE” Resulting from the combination of benefitsfromProducts and services of a wide variety of businesses in the King Power Group to provide customers with access to Choose to buy more than just products But also the services of the tourism business in the group of companies Which offers more value-added benefits such as Pullman, King Power and King Power Mahanakhon, a campaign by SV TEAM CHALLENGE support sales team, which isCompany employees Plan together as a team A sales strategy is established. And common goals To increase the opportunity to generate more extra income

Mr. Aiyawat reiterated thatSV TEAM CHALLENGE are Extraordinary Campaign That reflects a business management model that is not attached to the traditional framework. Which is essential in times of crisis, this campaign evolved from the concept Life Beyond Boundaries that want to provide customers with a world-class experience. Through strong cooperation within the organization To deliver impressive products, services and experiences outside, King Power has created a knowledge and learning process about selling to employees at all levels of all departments. This is to manage personnel potential in a crisis and prepare them for the future. Employees will start offering discounts via SV Code in the campaign at the same time. 12 February this year

For the campaign SV TEAM CHALLENGE Customers with and without flying can use the employee code or SV Code Ordering Products Duty Free and Non Duty Free Through online channels And applications KINGPOWER It can also be used as a discount to receive services from other businesses, such as discounts on restaurants at King Power Mahanakhon and Pullman King Power., Discounts from the street food court, Thai Taste Hub (Thai Taste Hub) Can too

“amongCOVID situation-19 in the past to present the group of companiesKing Power, one of the business groups, was more directly affected by the number of missing tourists. 90% have adjusted the campaign format to allow Thai customers to access products sold through King Power’s website and storefront with a campaign that offers value for money without having to fly, can buy in the form of products. Home Delivery In which King Power pays the tax for customers And also get additional benefits from SV Code Employee code for additional discount The products that are popular with customers are Cosmetics and perfume products It is expected that after the launch of the campaign SV TEAM CHALLENGE Will result in products and services in the group of companies More well known and sought after Especially in the group of restaurants Which corresponds to customer behavior And easy access at present At the same time, the company created new hygienic norms for providing services in accordance with King Power Care Power Effective for current disease control and support for future tourists after the COVID facility –19 Unravel, ”Mr. Aiyawat concluded.

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