Kimberly Flores becomes queen and boasts her huge crown and gold dress

Kimberly Flores becomes queen and boasts her huge crown and gold dress. The now singer shows her support in these days of reflection and shares with her followers that she has been crowned together with Edwin Luna as kings of the community LGBT + of this 2020.

It is not the first time that Kimberly Flores and Edwin Luna, are in favor of diversity and share messages with their followers about the importance of make visible the problems afflicting the LGBT + communityIn past posts, Kim had even flaunted a wig-and-pearl style and shared her solidarity with this fight.

Furthermore, this being the gay pride monthYesterday, some online events were held in which several celebrities participated, so a large number of publications on social networks paraded in favor of the community and equal rights for all and in which Kimberly Flores and Edwin Luna were crowned.

Before that, Kimberly Flores did not want to miss out on show your support again and uploaded a publication in which a beautiful mini top in pink very Barbie style appears and with a super high half ponytail with waves in her hair, as well as makeup in a matte tone, with which she shared a nice message.

Sexual diversity has always had my respect, love is simply love. I have friends that I love as brothers who are part of the #LGBT community with incredible talents in their veins that is to be applauded. Now I am very happy and proud to belong to this movement and this fight for equality rights, but above all the right to be free and that all receive the respect they deserve. #sinprejucios #nomasofensas #proud #LGBT #Pride

The now singerKimberly Flores believes that love in all its manifestations and shares this message with her followers as a way to use her popularity to raise awareness, something we’ve seen these days with popular celebrities who share the importance of accepting others.

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For the event Kimberly Flores she wore a super slim gold dress with which she outlined her figure and a huge crown, with makeup in the same shade and glitter everywhere, the couple was very happy to receive this recognition and Edwin Luna He even said that several interpreters of the Mexican regional genre belong to the community and do not speak it for fear of rejection and for being a male chauvinist.

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