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Now you can get 15% off CDs online only, 10% off kit albums, and get a bonus poster (by version / CD) on a first-come, first-served basis!

Kim Woo Seok’s “2ND DESIRE [TASTY]』Is a work that expresses the feeling of love as a taste, and expresses various feelings about love in two different versions.

Outbox (2 types / by version / 160.5×220.8x18mm)
80P photo book (including cover / by version / 150x210mm)
CD (by version)
Folding lyric paper (8P / by version / 130x180mm)
ID picture (1 random out of 3 / by version / 55x85mm)
SELPHY Photo Card (1 random out of 5 / by version / 55x85mm)
Folding poster (1 random out of 2 / by version / 210x297mm)
Sticker (By version / 130x180mm)




● Kit album
Outbox (105x105x30mm)
Title & Credit Card (94x94mm)
AIR-KIT (button type / 60x60x13mm)
Photo card (12 sheets / 90x90mm)
SELPHY Photo Card (1 random out of 4 / 55x85mm)
Kit album usage guide Japanese / English 1


* We will update here as soon as the contents are decided.

* At Tower Online, reservations are being accepted for the first arrival of CDs on a first-come, first-served basis with cream Ver. / Cookie Ver.! As soon as it runs out, we will ship a random version that you can not choose the pattern, so make a reservation as soon as possible!

* Since KIT Album is a limited item, it cannot be canceled or returned.

What is KIT Album? ]
KIT Album is a new recording format that can be played only with the smartphone (iOS / Android) dedicated app “KIT Player”.
* If you have a smartphone or tablet device connected to the Internet, you can play it in Japan.

[How to use KIT Album]
1. Download the KIT Player app to your device
2. After launching the KIT Player app, lightly press the kit album against the bottom of your device.
Do not let go of the kit while it is being downloaded. (It makes a sound)

* Because it is an imported product, there may be problems such as being unable to import due to the built-in battery. In that case, replace the new battery and try downloading again. We do not support product support, after-sales service, etc., so returns and exchanges are not possible due to malfunction. Please be aware of this before purchasing.

Manufacturer benefits

First come, first served:Poster (By version / For CD)
* The poster will be delivered in a tubular shape without folding.
* Kit albums are not eligible for benefits
* The operation status of benefits may differ between Tower Records stores and online.
* If you order multiple items at once, the award will not be granted automatically if the award storage period (one month from the release date) elapses before all the products are available.
* If there is no description of “with benefits” on the product page, the benefits will not be applied.
* It will end as soon as the benefits expire.
* Customers who wish to receive benefits by purchasing at stores should check the operational status at each store.

▼ If you do not need the benefits, please follow the steps below.
[1]When ordering
1. Select “No” for “I would like a benefit if the product has a benefit” in the shopping cart.
2. Confirm the selection on the order confirmation screen and confirm the purchase

[2]After ordering
Period when the product is not shipped after ordering You can change the selection of privilege settings at the time of ordering on My Page
※Detail isHereplease look at.


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