Kim Tae-hee Talks About Her Debut Worries and Childhood on YouTube Channel

Actress Kim Tae-hee showed off her sense of entertainment.

On the 8th, Kim Tae-hee appeared on the YouTube channel ‘Civilization Express – Is it true that she hesitated to debut as a celebrity because she was worried about Kim Tae-hee’s kiss scene?’ appeared on the side.

YouTube channel ‘Civilization Express’ video

On this day, MC Jae-jae pointed out Kim Tae-hee’s past, “They said she was a tomboy in elementary school. She beat up boys so much that when she saw Kim Tae-hee, she ran away.”

In response, Kim Tae-hee replied, “I investigated really accurately. My younger brother is the biggest victim. I always talked with kicks, not words.”

Regarding the reason why she became a celebrity, Kim Tae-hee said, “An older sister whom I met by chance on the subway gave me a business card, and it was a designer title for a famous advertising company that I had heard of. This unnie seemed to be reliable, so I contacted her and met her manager.” said.

Next, Jaejae said, “One of the things Kim Tae-hee worried about when she debuted was, ‘How do I film a kiss scene? My boyfriend will hate it.'” Kim Tae-hee laughed at this, and said, “Isn’t she capable of such thoughts in her early 20s?” She trembled.

When asked if she uses a phone case that mothers love, Kim Tae-hee said, “Once I fall for this, I can’t use anything else. I can put many things in it, I don’t need a wallet, I just need to bring one.”

Kim Tae-hee is scheduled to appear in the Genie TV drama ‘House with a Yard’. Kim Tae-hee said she “suffered from trauma and guilt over the sudden death of her older sister when she was young, and then married her first love. She thought she had a happy family, but the stench from the backyard was the beginning of a crack.” content,” he explained.

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