Kim Kötter with family in Portugal: ‘No corona in this area’ | Entertainment

entertainment“>“After dozens of phone calls, emails with the RIVMs and the authorities of Belgium, the Netherlands and Portugal, we made a final decision. We can go anyway. In fact, you cannot cancel, because it is code yellow ”, writes Kim.

entertainment“>According to her, they were her husband Jaap Reesema and her children “very welcome” in Portugal. “Keeping in mind that corona is getting closer and closer in Loosdrecht and Twente. Even at the nursery. ”


entertainment“>“Of course we are non-stop concerned with developments in the Netherlands. Terrible what’s going on. But also terribly what a division the weather brings ”, Kim concludes.

entertainment“>On Friday afternoon there was a fuss because King Willem-Alexander went on holiday to Greece with his family. There is also a yellow travel advice in force. The royal family decided to abort the holiday.

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