Kim Kardashian reveals the eldest daughter North’s actions

Recently, reality star Kim Kardashian (40) was a guest on the comedy show “Saturday Night Live”. Here she joked about, among other things husbands Kanye West (44), and that one world famous sex video which in retrospect has marked the beginning of the star’s flourishing career.

Along with the rapper, she shares daughters North (8) and Chicago (3), and sons Saint (5) and Psalm (2).

In a new interview, the mother of four now reveals more details about the role of mother, and this time it is about the discussions with the eldest daughter.

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– Is so ugly

When the 40-year-old visited a new feature called «Ellen Digital’s Mom Confessions web series», she revealed how the daughter North behaves when mother and daughter are in a discussion.

DISCLOSURE OF THE DAUGHTER: Kim Kardashian reveals how her daughter North acts when the two discuss.  Pictured here in 2019. Photo: Splash News / NTB

DISCLOSURE OF THE DAUGHTER: Kim Kardashian reveals how her daughter North acts when the two discuss. Pictured here in 2019. Photo: Splash News / NTB
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When asked what the worst things some of her children have said to her, she answers:

– Every time I end up in a disagreement with my daughter, she thinks this is a stab at me. She says: “Your house is so ugly, it’s all white! Who lives like this? », Reveals the make-up entrepreneur.

She also makes no secret of the fact that it hits a nerve, something she suspects the eight-year-old is aware of.

– She thinks it affects me, and it’s pretty bad because it’s my house, Kardashian continues.

RESPONDS: Kim Kardashian tried to work from home, but it was not so easy when her daughter North West was also present.
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Sex video

As previously mentioned, the superstar led the well-known program “SNL” this weekend.

Before her, several of the world’s biggest stars have visited as presenters, and the 40-year-old made no secret of the fact that she was surprised to be asked to become one of them.

– I know. I’m also surprised to see myself here. When they asked me, I was like “but why?” I have not had a movie premiere in a long time. I mean, I’ve only starred in one movie that came out, and then no one even told me it premiered, she joked.

– My mother must have forgotten to tell, she continued.

The latter comment was probably a stab at the mother Kris Jenner (65), who in all years has been accused of leaking her daughter’s sex video. It should be mentioned that Jenner has stubbornly denied having been involved in the video leak.

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