Kim Kardashian remembers the wedding, Kanye West travels home from Wyoming

Kanye West flies home with Saint

The confusion surrounding Kim Kardashian (39) and Kanye West (43) does not stop. Despite rumors of separation, the reality TV queen reminisces about happier times and posts a series of throwback photos of the process of creating her wedding dress. Troublemaker Kanye, on the other hand, who was recently in the headlines due to a troubling campaign campaign and Twitter allegations, leaves Wyoming in a private jet with son Saint. He has spent a lot of time alone in the town of Cody in the past few weeks. Will the rapper now go home and start a reconciliation initiative?

Kim Kardashian in wedding nostalgia

2014 was an unforgettable year for Kim Kardashian. The reason for this: on May 24th she gave her Kanye the “yes” word at a private dream wedding in Florence, Italy. At that time she was dressed in an extravagant creation by fashion designer Riccardo Tisci, to whom she obviously dedicated the current series of throwback photos for his 46th birthday. Despite this plausible reason, there is also a spark of nostalgia. Maybe it’s Kim’s way of reminding husband Kanye why they made “forever” promises six years ago.

In the video, a US society expert assesses Kimye’s situation

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