Kim Kardashian among the richest people in the world: she is a billionaire

Kim Kardashian is without a doubt one of the most famous stars in the world. And it is not only her beauty and charisma that bring her notoriety, but also hers entrepreneurial skills and knowing how to seize the opportunities that life places in front of her. And, in terms of earnings, he is thus able to obtain great satisfaction.

TV star, model, influencer and entrepreneur. Kim Kardashian, among its activities, you do not miss anything. Become very famous thanks to the reality show Keeping up with the Kardashians, in which he talked about his daily life and that of his family, he exploited the attention he obtained to become popular also on social networks.

The step for become an entrepreneur it was then short. In recent years, she has thus begun to create lines of clothing, smartphone games and beauty products particularly appreciated by young people from all over the world who are inspired by her. And all this, as you can well imagine, has increased his assets exponentially, which has finally come to exceed one billion dollars.

To reveal the earnings of Kim Forbes magazine, which has released its annual list of richest people in the world. The name of the Kardashian, thus, stands out among those Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and other famous billionaires.

But where did the star’s proceeds come from? According to Forbes, through KKW Beauty, her line of beauty products, Kardashian would have managed to earn a whopping 500 million dollars. 225 million, on the other hand, come from the fashion line. To further increase the assets, then, there are real estate, shares, sponsorships and investments.

Before Kim, yes another member of the Kardashian family he had managed to get on Forbes’ list of billionaires. Younger sister Kylie Jenner, about two years ago, appeared among the richest people in the world. An honorable mention, which he then lost when his assets fell below one billion dollars.

Kim Kardashian, who appears on the Forbes list alongside very important names, can be said to be extremely satisfied of his work and his capacity for self-promotion. Will he be able to keep his assets above $ 1 billion?


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