Kim Jong-un will strengthen the DPRK’s army

In a speech on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the founding of the ruling Korean Labor Party, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un apologized to citizens for the difficulties they face in their daily lives and promised them change.

At the military parade, Kim also spoke of strengthening the army, which he said is purely defensive and deterrent, and reiterated that the DPRK has not yet registered a single case of coronavirus infection. Reuters reported.

The Kyodo news agency noted that the North Korean leader did not mention relations with the United States at all, nor about the failed negotiations on nuclear disarmament, which came to a standstill last year. However, in a half-hour speech broadcast by state television, he said that after the end of the pandemic, he hoped for future cooperation with South Korea, and even apologized to the citizens for the difficult living conditions. He is said to want to improve them through “innovation and practical change”.

The military parade took place early this morning, and due to an unusual hour, the media speculated on whether it was just an exercise. A few hours after it ended, the television began broadcasting the edited recording. Analysts predicted that the DPRK could show new strategic weapons.

“We will continue to strengthen the army for self-defense and deterrence,” said Kim, who saw the show in a suit and tie, not in traditional formal attire, a Maoist jacket with a stand-up collar.

Video: Kim visited a hospital under construction in Pyongyang

Kim visited Pyongyang Hospital under construction Video: Reuters


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