Kim Jong Un was named as having passed an assassination attempt by North Korean traitors in 2018

TOKYO, – Supreme Leader North Korea Kim Jong Un said to have escaped attempted murder by a person traitor last 2018.

The claim was made by a former Japanese military officer, where the would-be killer numbered four and was found in neighboring South Korea.

To Shukan Gendai magazine, former Chief of Staff of the Japanese Joint Defense Force Admiral Katsutoshi Kawano told the dramatic story.

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He said, the incident was buried from the media, amid news of friction between South Korean warships and patrol planes “Japan”.

Admiral Kawano revealed that South Korea directed their destroyer to the Wonsan-Kalma area, following news from intelligence in the border town of Kaesong.

The Wonsan-Kalma area, home to a recently built beach, was said to be Kim’s favorite place before the coronavirus pandemic hit.

“Attempts by North Korean traitors to assassinate Leader Kim Jong Un in the Wonsan-Kalma area have failed,” Kawano explained.

Reported The Sun Thursday (9/24/2020), because the attempt failed, the four remaining perpetrators tried to escape to Japan by sea.

But their attempt to escape was picked up by the South Korean military, where the four perpetrators were picked up in what happened in December 2018.

Gazetted Daily Star, believed to be the supreme leader Jewelry since 2011 he was so afraid that someone would try to kill him.

Therefore since succeeding his father, Kim Jong Il, he has ordered a series of cleanups by executing even his own relatives.

One of them was in 2017, when he allegedly instructed to get rid of his own half brother, Kim Jong Nam, in 2018.

Kim’s brother was killed at a Malaysian airport on February 14, 2017, when he was about to catch a flight to Macau to visit his family.

A source from South Korea revealed that VX was found in his body, a neurotoxin called one of the deadliest in the world.

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