Kim Jong-un says he is building an “invincible army”

Kim Jong-un criticized the US and South Korea

The North Korean leader said about the need to build up military power in the south, noting that he does not want to fight with his neighbor, South Korea.

The DPRK will continue to strengthen its self-defense forces to counter hostile forces. This was stated by the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, who also promised to build an “invincible army” in the face of hostile US policies. He stated this during his speech at an exhibition of military equipment, reports on Tuesday, October 11, BBC.

In a speech at the 2021 Self-Defense Exhibition in Pyongyang, which featured a variety of military equipment, including tanks, Kim Jong-un called for a military build-up in the south, and stressed that North Korea does not want to fight its neighbor, South Korea.

Kim Jong-un added that the development of the weapon was intended for self-defense, not for starting a war.

He also accused the United States of fomenting tensions between North and South Korea. Kim Jong-un added that there was “no behavioral reason” to make North Korea believe that the US was not hostile.

We will remind, on September 15, North Korea produced test launch of two missiles short-range in the Sea of ​​Japan. And the next day, the DPRK declared about launching a rocket from a train… At the end of September North Korea launches unidentified shell… Presumably this is a ballistic missile.

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