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North Korea’s state media warn that if K-pop is not stopped, North Korea will “collapse like a damp wall.”

The DPRK leader is concerned about the clothes, hairstyles, speech and behavior of young North Koreans who succumb to the influence of K-pop / photo REUTERS

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un called musical genre of South Korean music K-pop, which has already grown into a subculture around the world, a merciless “malignant tumor” that spoils “clothes, hairstyles, speech and behavior of young North Koreans.”

Writes about it The New York Times.

The publication notes that the growing influence of South Korean music prompted Kim to declare a new cultural war. North Korea’s state media warn that if K-pop is not stopped, North Korea will “collapse like a damp wall.”

In recent months, the leader of the DPRK and the state media have spoken negatively about the “anti-socialist” influences spreading in the country almost daily. Kim ordered his government to stop the cultural invasion.

Read alsoThreat to the regime: the DPRK banned skinny jeans, piercings and extravagant hairstylesNorth Korea already passed a new law last December providing for five to 15 years in labor camps for watching or storing South Korean entertainment content. Previously, the maximum punishment for such crimes was five years of hard labor.

Those who hand over such materials to North Koreans may face even harsher penalties, including the death penalty. The new law also provides for up to two years of hard labor for those who “speak, write or sing in the South Korean style.”

In February, Kim Jong-un ordered a “ruthless” stamping out of rising capitalist tendencies across the country. In April, he warned that “major changes” were taking place in the “ideological and psychological state” of young North Koreans. And in May, the state newspaper wrote that North Korea would “collapse” if such influence intensified.

This is not the first time North Korea has opposed an “ideological and cultural invasion.” Now all radios and televisions in the country are tuned only to receive government programs. The government has blocked access to the global Internet for residents. Special people patrol the streets, stopping men with long hair and women with too short skirts or tight trousers. According to the Russian Embassy in Pyongyang, the only available hair dye in the country is black.

Read alsoKim Jong-un said that DPRK is going through the hardest moment in historyAt the same time, nearly half of the participants in a Seoul National University poll of 116 people who fled North Korea in 2018-2019 said they used to watch South Korean content frequently while at home.

The NYT notes that Kim Jong-un once seemed more flexible towards outside culture. However, according to the publication, the North Korean leader’s confidence has weakened after his diplomatic relations with former US President Donald Trump failed in 2019, and the economic sanctions of the West were not lifted.

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