Kim Jong-Un Calls K-Pop a ‘malignant cancer’ that destroys the younger generation


Leader North Korea (Jewelry) Kim Jong Un accused K-pop of destroying the young generation in his country. Calling it a “malignant cancer”, Kim imposes tougher penalties on citizens who consume South Korean films, Korean dramas and videos. K-pop.

As reported by Channel News Asia, Saturday (12/6/2021), The New York Times media detailed a secret anti-K-pop campaign that was revealed through leaked internal documents from the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. The news was first reported by Seoul, South Korea-based media outlet Daily NK.

North Korea’s state media has previously criticized the spread of “anti-socialist” influence, which has reportedly changed the “clothes, hairstyles, speech, behavior” of young people. North Korea. Kim has ordered his government to crack down on this anti-socialist disposition.

Kim introduced a series of new laws last December, which impose stricter penalties for watching or possessing South Korean entertainment from five years of forced labor to 15 years in forced labor camps.

North Korean state media warns that if this influence is allowed to continue, it will see North Korea “crush like a damp wall.” Those caught smuggling South Korean content risk harsher penalties, including the death penalty.

Recently, Daily NK reported that three teenagers had been sent to re-education camps for cutting their hair into K-pop idol cuts and folding their trousers above their ankles.

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