Kim Jong-Un Advises North Korean Women, Including How to Take Care of Children

North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un meets with the girl group Red Velvet and the South Korean delegation on April 2, 2018. Recently, the North Korean government website criticized the K-Pop industry and offended BTS and Blackpink. (Source: Twitter/@yerimirenee)

PYONGYANG, KOMPAS.TV North Korean leader Kim Jong-un provided guidance and advice to North Korean women.

The advice includes how North Korean women should behave and how they should treat their children.

This was revealed by Kim Jong-un in a letter read by his government officials at the Congress of the Korean Socialist Women’s Association in Pyongyang, Sunday (20/6/2021).

According to Kim Jong-Un, women should always wear traditional clothes.

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As quoted from the Washington Post, Kim Jong-un emphasized that all aspects of life must be filled with the taste, touch and emotion of nationalism.

He also asked them to always sing songs about patriotism in the construction area and send letters to encourage the soldiers.



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