Kim aspires to a powerful nuclear arsenal

SEOUL.- North Korean leader Kim Jong-un said his country aspires to have the most powerful nuclear force in the world, as he celebrated the launch of its new ICBM, state media reported.

The leader also promoted more than 100 officials and scientists for their work on the Hwasong 17, which analysts are calling the “monstrous missile” and is believed to reach the continental United States within days of its test launch. .

He praised the new missile as “the world’s most powerful strategic weapon” and assured that North Korean scientists had made “a wonderful leap in the technological development of mounting nuclear warheads on ballistic missiles,” the official news agency reported. KCN extension.

“Building a nuclear force to protect the dignity and sovereignty of the state and the people is the greatest and most important revolutionary cause, and its goal is to have the most powerful strategic force, the sheer force unprecedented in the century,” Kim said .

The promoted officials and scientists demonstrated “the goal of building the strongest military in the world,” he added.

Since 2006, the United Nations Security Council has passed numerous resolutions imposing sanctions against Pyongyang for its missile and nuclear activity.

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