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Killing Men with Samurai, 2 Teenagers Sentenced to Life in Prison

KOMPAS.com – Two teenagers are jailed for life after killing a man by stabbing him more than 100 times with a samurai sword.

Launch Sky NewsTwo teenage boys named Kiyran Earnshaw (18) and Luke Gaukroger (16) confessed to killing Robert Wilson in a “massive” and “senseless” attack on Huddersfield in January.

Their victim, Robert Wilson, 53, approached Earnshaw and Gaukroger as the two teenagers were pacing outside the Thornton and Ross Pharmaceuticals.

CCTV footage broadcast at the trial shows how the 2 teenagers attacked using 50 cm blue samurai swords in the attack that lasted approximately 10 minutes.

Earnshaw seemed to start the attack by removing the long sword from his pants.

In the recording, Gaukroker shouted, “Hold his head, I want his head, Kia, I want his head!”

It also appears that Wilson begged the 2 teenagers to stop the attack but both of them became more violent and carried out brutal attacks.

The prosecutor added that the two teenagers had stopped attacking and caught their breath. They rummaged through Wilson’s pocket and took his coat.

The prosecution also continued that the two teenagers had both killed the poor man by joining their powers.

Police who arrived at the scene reported that they saw one of the teenagers trying to cut off the victim’s head with the samurai sword.

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