Killing Half a Million People Worldwide, the Covid-19 Plague Has Been the Most Deadly and Worst in 100 Years – All Pages

GridStar.IDPandemic corona virus what happened has indeed troubled many people throughout the world.

Even until Monday (6/29) there were 10,242,930 people infected with this virus.

Even more alarming, more than half a million people from all over the world die from this virus.

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Recorded the number of patients died from corona virus worldwide as many as 504,366 people.

While patients recovering from this virus reached 5,553,107 people or as much as 54.21 percent.

Although the death rate is 4.92 percent, even news from calls this the deadliest pandemic in a century.

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America has the highest case in the world, with 2.63 cases.

Brazil is in second place with 1.345 million cases.

Russia followed in third place with 634,437 cases.

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Followed by India in fourth and Britain in fifth.

The death rate due to this virus with an average calculation from 1 to 27 June, reached 4,700 people in 24 hours.

The rapid increase was experienced by the United States and other US states, such as Florida, Texas and California.

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Covid-19 “has gone up very fast and is very dangerous in Texas in just the last few weeks,” said Governor Greg Abbott of Texas.

The scientists also gave a warning against pandemic happening.

World Health Organization (WHO) reveal the number of cases Covid-19 more than double the number of severe cases of flu in the world at normal times.

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