Killers of 20 people in India Police bribe Rp. 10 billion to be released. Page all

PATNA, – One killer professionals who’ve killed 20 people on India reportedly offered bribe Rp. 10 billion to Police in order to be released.

Avinash Srivastava, also known as Amit, was caught at a hotel in the city of Raxaul while trying to sneak across the Nepal border.

When arrested, Amit is heard offering the police a large sum of money, which it took him only two hours to prepare.

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“Please leave me. I will give 50 million rupees (Rp 10 billion),” explained Si professional killer as reported Gulf News Saturday (26/9/2020).

Supervisor Police Patna Upendra Sharma said that his party clearly rejected the offer and immediately interrogated Srivastava when he was arrested.

“We interrogated the killer, who admitted he was involved in many crimes,” explained Officer Sharma.

Law enforcers said that Srivastava, who is an IT expert and fluent in English, plunged into the dark world to avenge the death of her father, Lalan Srivastava.

Lalan, who is an Indian politician, was killed in 2002. So Srivastava or Amit goes around to find his father’s killers.

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The authorities revealed that Srivastava committed the murder in a cruel way, in which he once fired 32 bullets at his father’s killer.

Then, he also sat on the bodies of his victims for three hours, during which every five minutes he would shoot.

“So far since 2003, he has admitted to having committed 20 murders without showing any mercy,” explained the senior police officer.

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Shot 32 times

Srivastava is said to have completed his master’s degree in Computer Applications at Jamia Milia Islamia University, a prestigious campus in New Delhi.

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According to the serial killer, his life as an IT expert went so well that his father became a murder victim.

Before entering the world of crime, he was on staff at a technology consulting firm and received a large salary.

After one year, he managed to find the man who killed his father, Pappu Khan, where he was shot 32 times.

It is said that the professional killer killed five of the six people suspected of involvement in his father’s death.

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