“Killer and hopscotch.” Posters with Karl Schwarzenberg caused a crack

The posters also feature the name and emblem of the Tricolor movement and the description “killer and his henchman”. Leaflet images flooded social networks and people launched a wave of speculation as to whether the posters were real or not. The TN.cz editorial staff addressed the first vice-president of the Tricolor movement, Zuzana Majerová Zahradníková, who first refuted the authenticity of the promotional materials.

“It’s a fake. Again. A very stupid and vulgar prank. If there’s nothing about the client or contractor, it’s a fake,” said Majerová Zahradníková. In the official statement of the movement, however, he admits that the author is one of the members of the Tricolor from Jaroměřice nad Rokytnou.

“We emphasize that these are solely the personal opinions of this member, which have not been consulted or agreed with any of us in advance. It is necessary to distance ourselves from similar contents and forms of political work on behalf of the members of Tricolor in the Vysočina region. Our campaign for the upcoming elections to the regional councils in 2020 will be a decent campaign with a positive program, “the Tricolor movement said on its Facebook page.

Posters under the banner of the Tricolor movement appeared in several cities:

At first it seemed like an attack by an unknown joker. It wouldn’t be the first time. The tricolor usually leaves similar issues unanswered. “We wouldn’t do anything else. There are so many things to do,” said the movement’s first vice-president.

The “jump killer” posters also lifted a number of voters from their chairs. Mr. Pavel from Okříšek in the Třebíč region was even so enraged that he tore off the poster from the notice board. Mr. Petr from nearby Rokytnice nad Rokytnou at least took a picture of the offensive graphics.

The tricolor and its members are often the target of jokes:

Political scientist Jan Kubáček advised what Tricolor should actually do in such a case. “Similar events have a boomerang effect. It has no such effect on protest groups such as Tomia Okamura. It is more likely to unite their supporters. But for all other entities that want to reach even the more moderate voters who do not like conflict at all, it usually causes effect, “he spoke for TN.cz.

“This is true of TOP 09, and I am convinced that this may also be true of some of Tricolor’s followers. A clear public statement and a clear distance from authorship is the best course of action. For things that are stabbing or stupid, public distance or dementing is also appropriate. a very effective strategy, “said Kubáček.

According to him, each such situation is specific and it is really better to leave some jokes. In cases like this, however, apology and explanation are the most effective defenses. “The apology is appropriate. In general, it is true that politicians, especially Czechs, deserve it. Because it is very rare in our country,” the political scientist concluded.

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