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The age rating of the film Peter Bell since 2002 it has been adjusted after twenty years. The Dutch film, which attracted nearly a million cinemagoers, will now be classified as twelve years old and over. This was reported by the Kijkwijzer, the body that supervises age assessment.

The original rating indicated that the film would be suitable for audiences of all ages. “Following a complaint, the Kijkwijzer agency asked the online provider to reclassify the film according to current guidelines,” says Kijkwijzer. “The online provider did it, which changed the rating of the film to twelve years due to violence.”

Not everyone agrees with the Kijkwijzer. Producer Dave Schram said in a response Friday that he “thinks it’s crazy. What kind of gripe was this, what’s suddenly wrong with the movie after twenty years? Over the years, millions of people have enjoyed so much.And now is becoming Peter Bell suddenly put on par with violent action films like James Bond or Spider-Man?”

Schram previously called the Kijkwijzer “a completely dated and easy to manipulate system”. More often than not, a movie or show rating gets adjusted based on one or two complaints. So I got the animated series South Park after twenty years suddenly the inspection twelve years and more because of foul language.

Peter Bell can be seen on streaming services like Disney+ and Netflix. The film will also be shown on NPO on New Year’s Eve.

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