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Kieft: ‘In the end, all three of them must be able to grow to the Ziyech level’

Wim Kieft tips Calvin Stengs at Ajax. Mohamed Ihattaren, who was emphatically put forward by Valentijn Driessen, has nothing to look for in Amsterdam, according to the analyst.

Ajax completed the transfer from Ziyech to Chelsea for 44 million euros this week. In The Telegraph Kieft compares the playmaker with Stengs, Boadu, Donyell Malen and Ihattaren. “If you see these players at AZ and PSV you will see the young Ziyech,” Kieft writes in the newspaper.

That Ziyech (26) is a lot older than Stengs (21) and Ihattaren (18) is a big advantage, according to Kieft. He “performs very consistently” and “has largely shaken the whims of himself.” ‘The PSV player in particular is very erratic, but in the end they must all be able to grow to the Ziyech level. The qualities are present, but it is up to such great talents themselves to pick up that level. “

“Stengs has it all and is ripe for a switch from AZ to Ajax, but what does Ihattaren have to look for in Amsterdam?”, Kieft wonders. “He has the potential, but he is young, a child of PSV and they will undoubtedly start working in Eindhoven not to have another season like this.”

‘Ihattaren can benefit from that. Boadu as Ajax’s new striker is no certainty for me, although he is always on the move and often enters the penalty area and is often in the right place at AZ. ‘


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